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  • Always Discreet Pads

    Bladder leaks shouldn’t hold you back. Always Discreet Incontinence Pads give you secure protection you can barely feel. Designed to fit your body and your life, they offer strong protection, so you can forget about urine leaks. Discover the 4 different absorbencies today!

  • Always Discreet Pants

    Don't let incontinence keep you from being active! With Always Discreet Pants you can continue with your day as normal even when you experience bladder leaks. They are discreet and offer heavy urine leak protection for day or night. Discover our beautiful 3 colours today!

About Always Discreet

<p class="fs-p">We believe that every woman deserves to be free to move spontaneously at every stage of her life.</p><p class="fs-p pt-1">That’s why we created Always Discreet, a unique line-up of sensitive bladder protection products from the No.1 most trusted brand in feminine protection. It’s the perfect combination of form, function and feminine design.</p>

With Always Discreet, sensitive bladder can feel like no big deal. And that’s a really big deal.

What Our Customers Say

  • “<span class="fs-p u-font-weight-500">So Discreet And Reliable!</span> Fantastic absorbency and such a snug fit. I felt really confident going out knowing I wouldn't have embarrassing moment. Would recommend to everyone.”
  • “<span class="fs-p u-font-weight-500">Excellent! I love them.</span> They are exactly what the packaging says. Simply the best!”
  • “<span class="fs-p u-font-weight-500">Excellent for a larger lady</span> and a pretty little design on the waisband to feel a little more feminine. They don't look too bulky on and are fabulous for even heavy leaks, keeping you dry and odour Free. Haven't experienced any leaks.”


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